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How you can Save Money Each Month

Whether its to save up for a special goal or to make it to month-end, everyone can always sharpen their saving skills. Below we explore how you can save money each month. How do I get started? If you’re ready to start saving money, it’s likely that you need to either free up money each month to put towards a particular expense or series of expenses, or you have a long-term goal in mind… Read More..

How to Get Started with Budgeting and Manage Cash Flows

What is a cash flow? Most of us rely on a form of income each month, and we’ll also have multiple expenses – which could range from groceries, to school fees, to petrol or other utilities. A ‘cash flow’ is a term that describes the movement of money. While this can refer to one particular expense item or payment, the term is often used to describe the movement of both income and expens… Read More..

When Credit and Culture Collide: The Role of Informal Lending

In South Africa’s changing financial markets, the introduction of new legislation can radically alter the dynamics of the formal and informal credit market – forcing consumers to change their borrowing behaviour, and driving credit providers to adjust their offerings accordingly. With the implementation of tighter lending criteria following amendments to the National Credit Act in 2015,… Read More..

What You Need to Know About Chargebacks

A ‘chargeback’ is simply the reversal of a debit order payment made from a bank account, where the bank account holder requests that the payment amount be returned to them. Chargebacks differ slightly from the idea of a refund – where a customer might contact a merchant or service provider for their money to be returned should they be dissatisfied; a chargeback sees a bank directly retu… Read More..

What You Should Consider When Choosing a Financial Advisor

While most people might be prepared to manage their wealth on their own or to follow the suggestions of friends or families, there is no better option than to take on the services of a licensed financial advisor to help you manage your money, goals, and long-term plans as well as suggest financial products (such as investments) that can help you get ahead. Though their services do invol… Read More..

What to Consider When Starting a Savings Account or Investment Fund

Starting an investment or a new savings account is a huge milestone, and one you can feel proud of – however, your financial journey doesn’t just stop there. Between monthly costs, interest rates, accessibility, and what level of risk you’re willing to take on, there’s a lot to consider – and when you’re set to grow your money and make financial decisions that could affect your future,… Read More..

5 Easy Ways to Spot Scams and Prevent Fraud

Financial fraud continues to rise, and the internet has only made it easier for scammers and fraudsters to reach unsuspecting victims through many different means – whether it be through voice calls, emails, SMS, or even instant messages. With that in mind, we’ve got 5 easy tips to share to keep yourself safe and alert. Verify unsolicited emails, calls, and SMSs Fraudsters and scammer… Read More..

4 Reasons Why You Should Break the ‘Money Talk’ Taboo

In our family life, there are few occasions where we actually sit down with our parents, siblings, or children and actually discuss our budgets and what might be hindering us from reaching our financial goals. In many cases, parents might feel worried about their ability to provide for their children, and children might feel uncomfortable in asking their parents for money or guidance to… Read More..