Wonga Money Academy

Wonga Money Academy – What’s It All About?

Each week, we mention our Wonga Money academy, and how it’s designed to help you build financial confidence and better understand your money. There’s a lot more to it than that though, so if you haven’t yet had a chance to visit the website and see what it’s about, then this introduction is just for you.

As a micro-loan financial institution, it’s in our best interest that our customers have all the information and tools they need in order to make sound financial decisions. And the only way you can do that is by understanding the fundamentals of money: how it works, and how you can make it work for you.

We wanted to keep things simple and easy to grasp, so we split the fundamentals of money as we see it into 4 “pillars”: debt, saving, budgeting and investing. And for each of these 4 pillars we created a focused (but fun!) video tutorial, outlining the basics first and then going into more detail, for example the difference between good and bad debt, what to include in a budget, getting started with investing, and clever ways to spend less (and save more!)

If you haven’t watched the video tutorials yet, why not take the time to do it now. Plus, you could win a cash prize each month by answering one simple question at the end of each video. What are you waiting for? Come and join us at www.moneyacademy.co.za and start your journey to financial wellness. 


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