Instant Cash Loans

Understanding instant cash loans in 2024

We often see adverts for instant cash loans online, but is it really possible to get an instant loan? The short answer Many lenders promise instant cash to their customers but in all cases, this is not true. ‘Instant loans’ offered online might be much faster than ‘traditional’ loans, but it still takes time for every loan provider to process an application, analyse loan affordability, and arrange payments. Even the fastest ‘instant loans’ provider in South Africa will take some time, with no guarantee of a same day deposit into your bank account.

Wonga is the closest thing to instant loans online

At Wonga, we won’t make promises to you that we cannot deliver. We understand that sometimes you need to get cash instantly, so we’ve worked hard to ensure our cash loans are fast and convenient. We’re the closest you’ll find to an instant loan online provider with our easy to use application process. You don’t need to send us any faxes or make any phone calls – the whole instant loans application process can be accessed from start to finish on your computer, tablet or smartphone as long as you have an internet connection. You can read more on what personal information is required to apply for an instant loan in our help section.

How quickly do I receive the cash from a Wonga instant loan?

While not quite an instant online loan, our cash loans are quick and incredibly simple to apply for. We’ll make sure that any cash you decide to borrow is in your bank account as quickly as is possible. We make a payment to your bank as soon as your loan application has been approved and we’ll email you the instant your loan has left our account. In rare cases, some smaller banks cannot keep up with us as they have not implemented systems that accept immediate cash loans 24/7. In these cases, your cash loan will likely appear in your account the next business day. If you are in any doubt contact your bank directly to confirm if you’ve received the loan.

How do I get a cash loan from Wonga?

You can apply for a cash loan online by visiting the Wonga homepage and using the sliders on the loan calculator to adjust the amount of money and the length of time you need to repay the loan to work out the full cost of your loan before you apply. Wonga wants to be 100% transparent in how we work, which is why this is the first step in the cash loan application process. You’ll instantly be able to preview your total cash loan amount, which will include both fees and interest as well as your chosen repayment date – allowing you to understand the exact cost of your loan before you make a commitment. You need to be residing in South Africa and own a South African bank account.

Our cash loans are different from a payday loan

Wonga is different from other lenders due to the level of flexibility we offer with our instant cash loans. Wonga offers short-term cash starting from as small as R500 for 6 days up to R8000 for up to 6 months, or any combination in between. Wonga offers this degree of flexibility because we want you to be in total control of your money and finances, and Wonga can help you do that. Most importantly, Wonga will never encourage you to borrow more money than you can comfortably afford.

Wonga cash loans have a lot to offer

You can find borrowing and debt advice on the Wonga website. This is further evidence to support the fact that Wonga believes in responsible lending and encourages responsible borrowing.


While an instant cash loan might be impossible for any online lender to provide, we do offer fast, affordable, and convenient cash loans. Learn more about Wonga, how we’re different, and what makes our online cash loans unique.