Instant Loans Online

If you’re surfing the net for loans online, you’ve just struck gold! Wonga offers instant loans online. From R100 to R8000, Wonga’s instant loans online bring you responsible lending and total transparency at your fingertips. Using the sliders on the homepage, you can easily see the cost of your online loan upfront, before you even apply.

Loans online

There are all sorts of lenders on the web offering loans, but only Wonga can offer instant loans online. Wonga’s advanced technology gathers all the data upfront in order to give you an instant decision. Once approved, the cash will wing its way to your bank account in a flash.

So while the other guys can offer a loan in a few days, Wonga can offer you super-fast loans online at lightning fast speed. Don’t go for second best when you can Wonga.

Quick cash loans

Wonga offers fast, flexible, short term loans for your convenience. No need to lock into a stodgy, old-style bank loan for several years when all you need is a couple of hundred Rand for a few days. Wonga offers loans from one day up to a month. If you’re in a pinch NOW then fast cash is the solution. If maths isn’t your forte, then visit the homepage and let the sliders do all the calculating for you.

Visit our FAQ page and learn how to Wonga. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the site, contact us with your query, we’d love to hear from you!

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