Money in a hurry

Money in a hurry

Do you ever feel like your wallet or bank account has sprung a leak? How does your account empty so fast and where does all the money go?! A short term loan from Wonga could plug that hole from time to time with some quick cash.

Wonga cash advances are short term online loans, meant for occasional use when emergencies crop up. They’re a convenient option to get your hands on some cash when you’re feeling the pinch. The length of the loan could be just one day up to a month. Wonga is the flexible loan that lets you select your own repayment date.

Quick online loans

Wonga understands the needs of our customers; in a world of instant gratification, we don’t want you twiddling your thumbs. That’s why when talking about quick cash, Wonga doesn’t fool around. Once approved, Wonga can deposit cash directly into your bank account in a flash. That’s a money transfer like no other online lender can provide..
Wonga also makes it easy to repay your loan by offering free early repayment and self-service through the My Accounts section of the website.

Cash loans online

To get some quick cash in your account, use the sliders on the homepage to select how many days you need the loan for and how much money you need to borrow. Wonga’s on-screen loan calculator figures out the total cost for you, including our service and initiation fee. Not happy with the results? Play with the sliders to your heart’s content and, when you’re ready, click "Apply Now".

If you have questions, we can probably answer all of them – just pop down to our FAQ page on the website. If you still have questions, you can contact us. Don’t let money worries get you down; get some quick cash today with Wonga.