Money to borrow

Money to borrow

If you’re looking to borrow money, Wonga is here to help. Wonga provides short term loans to consumers in South Africa. Wonga loans are great for those occasional unexpected expenses that creep up on you out of nowhere and we recommend they are only used as a last resort when a financial emergency arises.

Fast unsecured loan online

You can borrow money from Wonga 24/7. Our short term loans range from 6 days up to 6 months and for as little as R500 up to R8000.
This means that if you need R698 for 9 days to cover the cost of a not-to-be-missed flight special to Cape Town before payday, then you simply need to set the sliders on the homepage and begin the application.

Nowhere else to borrow money?

When borrowing money from family isn’t an option and all your friends are broke, then Wonga is the solution that puts you, the user, in control. Wonga is the convenient, 24/7 solution for fast cash when you have nowhere else to turn when you need to borrow money. We never ask you what the loan is for, we only ask that you use Wonga responsibly and repay your loan on time.

Returning Wonga customers can review their live loan in the My Account section of the website. Users can also update their personal details as well as bank account details in this section. It’s just another convenient way for you to manage your cash!