Repay early and save

Repay your Wonga cash advance early and save

At Wonga, we offer flexible loans that meet your needs – and if you find yourself ready to repay earlier than you originally thought, it’s simple to set up a new repayment date.

Unlike many other lenders, we won't ask you to service an early settlement fee - we actually encourage you to clear your cash advance early whenever you can.

When you choose to repay earlier, you’ll even be able to save on the interest and fees that you might have originally paid when you first borrowed from Wonga – and there are many other great benefits that come from doing so!

Improve your trust rating

Wonga isn't designed to make money from keeping you in debt and this is an important part of our commitment to responsible lending. By repaying a loan early you will not only save money, but also improve your Wonga trust rating, meaning even more borrowing flexibility for you as well as a better chance of approval if you need a short term cash advance again in the future.

Whenever you have an outstanding loan, you can log in to MyAccount at any time and see the current balance - compared to the cost of repaying the loan on the original date you promised.

DIY loan repayment

If you have the funds to repay your loan early, you can do so in a few simple clicks at any time of day or night. Just log in and follow the brief instructions. We'll take the current balance right away and confirm the loan is settled. Alternatively, you are welcome to call our customer service team on 0861 966421.