Quick Loans With Wonga

Quick Loans With Wonga

When you’re short on funds, have an emergency, or when you have little time and need a loan quickly, Wonga is here for you. Our quick loans are flexible and empower you to manage your immediate financial gaps. 

What are quick loans?

Quick loans are a form of unsecured credit that can be used for short term emergencies. Quick loan applications are typically conducted online and successful applicants can usually have the funds deposited into their bank account on the same day, hence the term ‘quick loan’.

Wonga offers quick loans of up to R4000 for first-time customers for periods lasting up to 3 months with credit paid back in monthly instalments.

When should you use quick credit?

It’s recommended that you only apply for a quick loan in a financial emergency, for example when unanticipated bills occur that you have not budgeted for but are essential to resolve as soon as possible.

Our loans are only suitable for use by financially responsible applicants. It is not recommended that you use quick loans to manage your existing debt, if you find yourself relying on quick loans frequently it can be symptomatic of financial problems that need to be resolved without taking out additional Wonga quick loans for short-term relief.

Quick loans are designed for short-term use only. If you need credit for longer than 90 days, it is advisable to procure a different type of longer-term credit.

Why choose Wonga for your loan?

  1. It’s easy - Your quick loan application is a simple online process you can do through your smartphone in a few minutes.
  2. It’s quick - Once you’ve entered your information Wonga will give you an instant decision on your loan. We typically send credit to successful applicants on the same day of their application.
  3. We’re flexible - You control how much you borrow and for how long. You can pay back early with no penalties to save on interest.
  4. We’re trustworthy - Wonga follows responsible lending practices to ensure you’re in safe hands.

Can you apply for your quick loan online?

Being able to access quick loans online is one of the main advantages of this credit type. Wonga’s online application and sophisticated computer algorithm means you get a decision on your loan extremely quickly, saving you precious hours when you need credit quickly.

Wonga loans are exclusively served through our online website and you cannot apply in person. You can start the process by creating your account here. You can complete your quick loan application through any smart device which connects to the internet; tablets, desktop computers, laptops and smartphones are all supported.

If you encounter problems with the application process, we’re always on hand to assist via live chat, phone or email. You can see all of our contact details here.

How do I qualify for a Wonga quick loan?

To be eligible for consideration as a quick loan customer you must have a South African ID number, be at least eighteen years old, own a bank account and have access to a smartphone or similar device that can connect to the web.

Once you complete the online application process, you receive one of three responses:

  1. Successful approval of loan and transfer of funds.
  2. Your application is declined.
  3.  A request for more information to ensure our decision is the correct one.

There are various reasons for your loan application being declined, such as a poor credit history or your stated income not reflecting on your proof of income document.

When your loan application is approved, we require you to upload either a recent copy of your payslip or bank statement so that we may verify that you can comfortably repay your loan.

Are online quick loans safe to use?

Wonga is a direct lender, which means we don’t share your personal information with anyone else. Your details will never leave our secure database and we never sell customer information.

We use the latest secure transfer protocols on our website to keep everything safe and secure. We will never contact you over text or phone to request sensitive information about your loan or Wonga account.

If you suspect a reason for security concern please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Be sure to always log in to the Wonga customer portal directly to manage your loan - do not rely on suspicious links in emails or text messages.

What happens if I can’t repay in the agreed time period?

Please note If you are unable to repay your loan within the agreed period of time established during your loan application you will incur additional costs.

If you find yourself unable to pay your loan it may negatively impact your credit rating and influence your future access to credit, including any additional quick loan applications.

If you think you won’t be able to repay your loan on time, please call us on 0861 966 421. We have options available to customers who are finding difficulty in repaying. We’ll provide the help you need to resolve your situation.