Upload Documents Guide

Proof of income

We’ve made life a little easier for you with this how-to-guide which explains how to upload your proof of income document, so you can get your cash faster.

Knowing your employment status before you apply will help you know which documents you need.


What is your employment status?

Knowing your employment status before you apply will help you know what documents you need to have on hand.

Are you working formally, working for yourself or are you unemployed?


Working full-time
Working part-time
Contractor / Consultant


Business owner
Sole proprietor




If you earn the same income monthly, then all we need is your most recent payslip.


You will need to upload your personal bank statement. For a sole proprietor, we will accept your business bank statement if it is in your name.


You will need to prove that you earn some form of income to be eligible. For example, a rental income or a private pension.


What we need from you

We need your income document/s so we can make sure you can comfortably afford to repay your loan.

During your application we will ask for your income and if pre-approved, we will need you to upload a document to verify it.

Your gross and nett income

Your bank statement OR payslip


We don’t want to decline you unnecessarily, so make sure you provide us with the correct information,so we don’t have to ask you for more details and delay your loan.


Gross and nett income

What is a gross and nett income?

The full amount your employer pays you before deductions

Tax, UIF, pension fund

The money you get in your bank account after deductions


If your income has recently changed, don’t forget to update it so you can have a better chance of approval.


Payslip or bank statement?

We don’t mind which one you upload, as long as we can see the information clearly so that your chances are better during the application process.

ID number
Full name
Gross and nett income
for most recent month


These documents do not need to be certified.

Bank account number
Initials and surname
Nett income
Employer's reference

If your ID number is not on your payslip, you will need to upload your bank statement.

If you earn an income from multiple sources, we suggest that you upload your bank statement so that we can see all the income sources.

We will look for consistent deposits that appear on your bank statement, where amounts deposited to your account reflect regularly.

Make sure you provide us with a clear copy and the correct information the first time, so we don’t have to ask you for more details and delay your loan application.


Uploading is easy

Uploading couldn’t be easier. Upload the saved document from your computer, or take a photo on your cellphone.

Upload your document/s from a folder on your computer.


Upload a photo of your document/s from your gallery.


When using a computer, make sure you save it as a .pdf / .png / .jpeg. Choose one of these options in your file format drop down when saving.


When using a cell phone, uploading a photo is easy.
Click “Upload File” and select your gallery or camera from your mobile phone.



We don’t want to waste your time so make sure that the document/s you choose to upload, is clear and has all the information we need.

File types

.pdf / .png / .jpg
Not larger than 5MB
Not password protected

Name changes

If your name has changed, upload your marriage / divorce certificate along with your proof of income.

Multiple documents

You can upload as many documents as you need, you would need to refresh the page and click on the upload more option.


   Response time

It usually takes about 3 hours to process your documents.

Feel free to reach out to us on live chat should you want an update on the current turnaround time. Or call us on 0861 966 421, our operating hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 -18:00, and Saturdays from 08:00 - 13:00.