Apply today for a urgent cash loan from Wonga

New customers can apply to borrow up to R4000 with 1 month to repay.
Existing customers up to R8000 with up to 6 months to repay.

Urgent Cash Loans

You might find yourself in need of an urgent cash loan to bridge your expenses if you encounter an unexpected and immediate financial gap such as an emergency. A car breakdown that stops you getting to work, for example. It’s important not to panic, silence the voice in your head shouting “I need money now!” and take a few moments to breathe.


At Wonga, we offer a short-term urgent cash loan designed to bridge the gap in your expenses and help give you control – our flexible loan terms empower you to borrow money urgently and repay on your terms.


How much can I borrow with Wonga’s urgent cash loans?

We offer up to R4000 with up to 3 months to repay for new customers and up to R8000 with up to 6 months to repay for existing customers. Our application process is fast and intuitive and is designed to help you when you need an urgent online loan.


Our application process for urgent cash loans is fully transparent using our innovative sliders. You can see your total repayment amount, as well as all fees and interest, before you even hit apply.


How much will I repay on my urgent loan?

With Wonga, new customers pay just 5% interest on a short-term loan, and existing customers pay just 3%, so it’s more affordable than ever to bridge your expenses if you find yourself in an immediate financial shortfall. Our loans are specifically designed for urgency so you don’t pay an extra premium when you need the cash urgently.


Representative example: For a new customer borrowing R4000 for 3 months a total of R5252.45 will be repaid across 3 monthly instalments of R1750.81 each. The total interest and fees paid is R1252.46


Fast application process

If you need a cash loan now, our application process can be completed from any device, and it just takes a few minutes – meaning that you can get your urgently-needed cash quickly. The only documents you’ll need will either be a copy of your payslip or bank statement, and our helpful guide can help you determine which documents you need to upload in order to loan money now.


Though the time it takes for your money to reach your account is determined by your bank, we offer instant payouts if your application is accepted – and your loan could be paid from our account on the same business day.


Repaying your loan early

What’s even better is that we actively encourage you to repay your loan early – through doing so, you can save on interest and fees; making it even easier to manage an urgent loan and settle your finances flexibly.