Borrowing and debt advice

Are you stuck in a cycle of debt and struggling to make ends meet? You’ve probably heard about the ‘credit crunch’ which means some people are having a harder time than ever right now. The cost of everyday goods is rising and access to credit is being restricted. South African consumers currently owe more than R1 trillion on home loans, cars, store and credit cards. Some struggle to keep up with their ongoing financial commitments and find themselves caught in a never-ending debt trap.

While there’s no magic answer for everyone, we've provided some quick advice on borrowing, plus tips on managing and escaping debt on this page. Simply select and browse the relevant sections using the links above. A quick internet search will also find many more sources of advice, such as the personal finance sections of most national newspapers' websites.

If you prefer, you can download our free Quick Guide to Borrowing, by clicking on the link below. It’s packed full of even more advice and tips.

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