Debt Advice

Everyone needs an outlet for venting their frustrations and fears, or for sharing joy, good news and exciting events. That's what life is all about - sharing the highs and lows, learning along the way and coming out a better person in the end. If you're not quite this optimistic about your finances, don't fret because you aren't alone.

If you're in debt and you feel like you can't talk to friends or family about your situation, seek help elsewhere. There are debt counselling organisations which can help when you're having financial difficulties. Don’t bottle up stress and anxiety about financial problems.

Contact the DC Hub who can help you with an assessment of your personal finances and advice on how to reduce your debt.

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Why order a credit report?

Everyone should order a copy of their credit report once a year. Perhaps put it in your diary to order a credit report and see it as a little celebration of you taking control of your finances! When you review your credit report you aren't simply looking to see how miserably in debt you are, if that's the case, but rather to check for any errors or inconsistencies. If you're separated or divorced, take a look to see if there are still debts in your name which your ex-partner is supposed to be paying for example. If there are and they are past due, you need to start making some phone calls. Also look for anything that is out of place or not your own debt - there are other Jane Smiths out there! You see, your credit report isn't just about your 3-digit credit score, it's about knowing and managing your debts, good or bad, and feeling in control of your finances.

Request a copy of your credit history and get more advice on how to improve your credit rating.
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