Exercise that doesn’t cost a cent

Exercise that doesn’t cost a cent

It's always fun to engage in pursuits that are costly, but no matter where you are, it won't take you long to find amazing activities that are completely free!

Here are our top recommendations for keeping active without spending a cent.


  • Stretch it out

Yoga is always fun, and with so many free tutorials on YouTube, it won't take much time before you find your favourite online instructor.  All you need is your mat, so it can be practised anywhere at any time. You will have access to a variety of beginner to advanced options. Here are some excellent ideas to get you going.


  • Instagram Fitness Handles

Additionally, there are always excellent Instagram accounts that provide helpful exercise and dietary recommendations. Most of these training tutorials require very little, so all you would need to increase your strength and range of motion after spending the day at a desk would be a small amount of space and your own body weight. The best thing about plyometrics, also known as using your own body weight as resistance, is that you can perform it anywhere as long as you have some room to move around.

Here are some excellent suggestions to get you going! Each Instagram account offers their unique perspective on how to get fit using nothing more than your own body weight and a little gusto.


  • Get outdoors

With so many Table Mountain parks nearby, getting out and about with your best friend is incredibly simple if you're in Cape Town, which is obviously blessed with mountains. Due to the work out of ascending and descending, hiking is good for you because it contributes to a stronger skeletal and nervous system. Your lungs become stronger, and the sunshine and clean air will be so beneficial to you. Here's a great one to get things going. - Hike Lion's Head

If you are in Durban, using the free outdoor workout facilities is a great way to get in shape for the New Year! The eThekwini Municipality, which works to encourage healthy living among metro residents, is home to more than 25 outdoor gyms in Durban.

If you're in Johannesburg, the city of gold, you should know there is an abundance of runners. Time trials are held weekly by a lot of running clubs. In South Africa, running clubs play a significant role in the running scene. Most running clubs hold weekly runs that are between 5 and 8 kilometres in length. Anyone is welcome to participate in these time trials; club membership is not required. They provide a nice opportunity to network with other runners and a race-like atmosphere that motivates you to run longer and faster.


  • Best voted Workout App

Making exercise enjoyable and engaging is essential to staying on track because, as we all know, getting in shape can be difficult. Celebrity athletes like Serena Williams host a polished selection of visual workouts in the Nike fitness app. It works just as well at home as it does in the gym. Although each lesson can be completed on its own, Nike Training Club offers structured programmes that last a full month. The same exercise programmes are now available from Nike on Netflix.

Nike Training Club: Fitness on the App Store

Nike Training Club Is Now on Netflix: Here’s Everything You Need to Know - Netflix Tudum


  • Get the kids involved

Let’s not forget to get the kids to join in with stimulating and interactive training videos!

GoNoodle | Home is a great streaming platform which incorporates exercise with energizing interaction.

Another great option is Pancake Manor. This YouTube channel's action songs for preschool-aged children will rouse sleepy bodies. Don't all people need shake breaks?

Both only need a data connection, and no join-up fee is required.


  • Running for the win

Finally, and something that has been done for centuries, running.  The age-old tradition of putting one foot in front of the other has had humans traversing the unknown for centuries.  It's one of the simplest forms of movement and doesn't cost you much to lacing up and hitting the road. 

From 5km park runs to half marathons, full marathons, and a good old question about your sanity, 100 milers, when it comes to running, you are spoilt for options.  Hit the road or hit the mountains, trail running or road running, whatever grabs your attention, when it comes to running you can head wherever you like.

Here is one of the simplest ways to get started.

You can now find a park run almost anywhere in the country. Simply log in to Parkrun South Africa to see the most recently updated areas that offer park runs. You can bring the family and the dogs, and you're always welcome to walk or set a track record in the 5000m; the possibilities are endless.

Finding activities that do not demand any fees or long-term contractual obligations enables many of us to be more flexible with our cashflow, paving the path to a successful year!


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