Why use us?

We're different

We're convenient

Wonga is different from other internet lenders because there’s no paper work, no snail mail, no faxing and no listening to cheesy hold music while you wait to talk to an operator... No messing around! Our entire service is online and only we can give you a decision in seconds and then pay cash directly to your bank account.

We're transparent & flexible

It’s easy to apply for a Wonga cash advance and we tell you exactly how much your repayment will be upfront. Simply use the sliders on the homepage to decide exactly how much money you want to borrow and for how many days – and we’ll do the maths. We won't force you to take a fixed sum you don't need or make you pay a standard fee for a fixed period. First-time applicants can apply for anything up to R4000, for between 4 days and 3 months. Existing customers can borrow up to R8000 with up to 6 months to repay. You can even repay a Wonga cash advance early without any catches or hidden fees!

Improve your credit rating

Because we carry out a credit check as part of the application process, you could actually improve your score when you repay a short-term loan from Wonga.

That's because we inform our credit bureau partner of your trustworthy behaviour. Just make sure you repay any advances you take on or before the promised date and you could find better financial deals become available to you when searching for things like a home loan or vehicle finance.

The real cost of emergency cash

It’s not always easy to get fast cash when you need it urgently. If you check out some of the potential emergency cash alternatives to a short term Wonga loan, you might be surprised by how the finance industry uses smoke and mirrors to win your loyalty. Ultimately, you may be able to extend your credit card or overdraft limit and it might be cheaper – BUT that’s only if it’s authorised and you have the discipline to pay the money back quickly. If you go overdrawn without permission you may end up paying heavily for a relatively small amount of cash.

Scandalous bank fees

There are numerous sob-stories about people being caught out by hidden charges and extortionate rates charged by some of the traditional banks. You might think that you are immune to this, but bank penalty fees are often hard to spot.