4 Money Saving Tips for Sizzling South African Summers

4 Money Saving Tips for Sizzling South African Summers

In South Africa, we’re lucky to not only have a diverse and amazing mix of cultures, but we’re also privileged to have some of the most beautiful landscapes, mountain ranges, and beaches in the world. When summer comes and days get longer, spending quality time with friends and family can be great fun – but that can also mean greater expenses from things as simple as keeping cool! 

Why should I save in summer? 

Summer-time can be a great excuse to hit the beach or head out on a long road trip. As South African summers also run over the festive season, we often spend our time catching up with friends and family. 

Unfortunately, these often involve expense – whether from buying gifts, topping up your fuel tank, or heading to a new and exciting destination for a holiday. Throughout summer, your personal mission should be to have as much fun as possible while sticking to your budget – so that when summer days fade away, you don’t find yourself short of cash. 

Turn off the aircon 

In South Africa, sizzling summer days can often mean that we want to head wherever it is coolest – and that means running the air conditioner at full power in our homes or in our cars! 

While having the aircon on can keep both you and your family comfortable, ask yourself if you could instead do with either opening windows widely, installing shade where possible at home, or instead using a fan. 

If you have an air conditioner in your home, using it frequently uses a lot of electricity – while in your car, running the aircon places additional strain on the motor and uses more petrol or diesel. If you’re able to live without it, you can save yourself cash by enjoying summer without the aircon blowing! 

Grow your own food 

In South Africa, spring and summer offer plenty of sunlight, and if you have a ready supply of water, you can easily grow your own food – all the way from vegetables to fruit! 

Not only is this a fun family activity, but it can save you cash when you next head to the grocery store – seeds are usually an affordable option at most supermarkets, while most plants don’t need more than one cup of water every day.  If your home doesn’t have enough space for a garden, why not consider planting in containers? 

Turn off your geyser, or invest in solar power 

In winter, we often want more warmth in our homes – and that can mean running our geyser to heat up water or running heaters themselves. In summer, however, sunlight is plentiful – and if you’re able to, you can save money each month by turning off your geyser. 

Better yet, why not consider investing in solar power? You’ll not only be helping the environment, but you’ll also be able to use sunlight to heat up your geyser or – in some cases – run your appliances or charge certain devices like a smartphone! 

Enjoy free entertainment! 

Time spent with friends and family can often be expensive if you plan to head to a special destination or have an activity in mind. If you’re looking to save money but still have great fun, why not consider heading to some of our country’s beautiful parks, gardens, and beaches? 

Not only is access to these amazing spaces usually free, but you can also set up fun activities at little or no cost. Why not organize a game of soccer or volleyball at your closest beach or park?