Our Guide to Great Free Financial Literacy Resources

Our Guide to Great Free Financial Literacy Resources

To become financially literate, you’ll need the best resources to #MasterYourMoney. We’ve rounded up some awesome websites and online tools to get you started!

As you begin or continue your journey to financial literacy, you’ll want to refine your understanding of key money concepts and make sure that you have access to the best tools available to master maintaining a budget, managing your debt, and saving and investing for the future.

With our previous guide, we provided an overview to free financial literacy resources that we felt stood out - and in our updated guide, we’ve expanded our choices to cover great online sites, portals, and resources that you can use to educate yourself further, share with your friends, family, and start your children on their own journey to financial health.

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a money expert or you’re just getting started, our choices have something for everyone!

The Wonga Money Academy

The Wonga Money Academy is where you can learn to #MasterYourMoney. Offering fun and informative videos based around the four pillars of financial literacy, namely Debt, Saving, Budgeting, and Investing, the Money Academy is a great place to kick off your journey into understanding the fundamentals of managing your money.

Each pillar offers a range of short videos – no more than two minutes long – that quickly unpack a key money concept. At the end of each video viewers can complete a short quiz, and should they complete the entire range, they can qualify to win a R2000 cash prize in our quarterly draw!

Visit the Wonga Money Academy


The Old Mutual Moneyversity is an online financial education hub that hosts a range of informative articles, videos, and even calculators that you can use during your journey to becoming financially literate.

The Moneyversity also features a range of courses where you can choose from Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels to tailor lessons to your suiting, subjects range from understanding Wants and Needs, to Saving and Investing, Financial Planning, and even Tax Matters.

In each course, the Moneyversity also provides a range of resources, such as infographics and downloadable content, that you can use after you’ve completed each course. You can also log in and save your current progress, and get notifications when new courses become available in the near future.

Visit the Old Mutual Moneyversity


Maya Fischer-French is a South African finance journalist and is the author of the 2015 book Maya on Money: Implement Your Money Plan. Maya is best known for her appearances across many news and media publications on television and radio, where she often adds her voice to financial news, developments, or provides insight into how South Africans can manage their money.

On her website – MayaOnMoney – Maya offers a range of financial literacy guides ranging  from retirement to banking, insurance, and property, all of which are uniquely designed for South African readers.

A must-read for anyone beginning their financial journey or those looking to delve deeper into a specific topic, MayaOnMoney also provides a range of informative videos and entertaining podcast episodes, and includes her appearances across well-known South African media publications.

Visit MayaOnMoney

CNN Money Essentials

Many South Africans might know CNN as one of the US’ leading news agencies, but the organization does also provide a range of financial literacy resources in addition to its financial journalism – making it a must-read for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of current events in the financial world.

CNN’s Money Essentials platform spans a range of topics, such as getting a job, buying a car, starting to invest, or even retirement planning – and under each topic there is an excellent overview of frequently asked money questions.

Though intended primarily for audiences in the US, CNN’s Money Essentials provide a great resource for anyone seeking to understand the broader concepts of financial management and sharpen their approach to money management.

Visit CNN Money Essentials

Money As You Grow

While many of our other recommendations are intended for adults, Money As You Grow is a unique financial resource that has been entirely designed around children, pre-teens and young adolescents who are seeking to understand more about money.

Money As You Grow initially started as an independent resource for parents and guardians to teach their children about the fundamentals of money management. With over 1.4 million viewers each month, Money As You Grow was later absorbed into the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, where it continues to offer parents and guardians great, free resources alongside other useful money tools.

Money As You Grow offers tailored activities and conversation points for young children, school-age children to pre-teens, and for teens to young adults.

With conversations ranging from buying a car, to getting a pet or moving house, Money As You Grow is a unique starting point for parents and children seeking to understand the fundamentals of money together. Though intended for readers in the US, Money As You Grow still offers many lessons and resources applicable to South African audiences.

Visit Money As You Grow

Woman & Finance

Run by South African personal finance coach Mapalo Makhu, Woman & Finance is an online destination designed to educate and inspire South African women to learn more about financial management.

Though Woman & Finance provides a range of paid financial resource such as one-on-one consultations, the website also provides informative and entertaining blog articles that cover various financial subjects such as investments and managing your budget.

While it has been written and created with women in mind, Woman & Finance offers a range of financial guides and suggestions that are useful for a broad South African audience of all levels of financial literacy. Woman & Finance also caters for a range of different media types, and provides both videos and podcast episodes where both Mapalo Makhu and Maya Fischer-French offer practical money tips.

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