Saving our Mother city from the fires

Saving our Mother city from the fires

The situation calls for individuals, communities and companies to work together to provide support to the brave firefighters. Wonga is calling on everyone to get involved and provide much needed support to the people out in the fields doing their best to extinguish the fire.

To do our bit, Wonga has donated 100 pairs of fire boots to those volunteering to fight the flames in the affected areas. However, the firefighting services require a lot more – particularly monetary donations to help fund the helicopters supporting the firefighting efforts.

No donation will go unwanted and the Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS) wish list indicates exactly what the firefighters need in order to improve their efforts. Consumers are urged to get involved, contact the VWS and try to help put out the fires causing severe damage to the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town.

In order to help, individuals and companies alike can contact the VWS in Cape Town to receive their wish list of requirements or visit their website at

To report an emergency contact 107 from a landline or 021 480 7700 from a cellphone. Alternatively, contact Fire Control Centre at 021 590 1900.


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