Tips for saving money this Easter

Tips for saving money this Easter

Easter is a significant occasion for many South African families, and it often requires advanced planning to ensure a successful celebration. For most families, the customary way to mark Easter is by having a family lunch, while others opt to travel during the long weekend. Given the expenses that come with hosting an event, traveling, or exchanging gifts, it's crucial to adhere to a budget, and our useful tips can aid in preparing in style. In this regard, we have compiled a list of our top recommendations to assist you in being ready for the Easter weekend.


Preparing for Easter weekend

Before Easter weekend, it’s vital to consider what kind of celebration you wish to host; doing so will enable you to prepare and find great savings to boost your budget. 


Stick to the favourites

Everyone has a preferred brand of chocolate or sweet treat, so when choosing a present, keeping with an Easter basket loaded with your loved one's favourites is a terrific idea. You may cut costs by sticking to tried-and-true favourites and possibly taking into account your loved ones' favourite homemade snacks.


Some more ways to save


Host a potluck Easter meal

One of the easiest methods to save money is to have everyone bring food to the party so that no one person has to pay for the entire meal.


This year for next year

Be one year ahead and shop store discounts post-Easter to prepare for next year.


Ways to save money over Easter weekend

Easter weekend is often where many families and communities will host events or celebrate the occasion with gifts – and there are several great ways to save money over this special holiday:


Make your own Easter basket

While you might choose to spend money and buy a generic basket, this could lead to wastage if the recipient doesn’t enjoy all of the gifts inside. Instead, you might choose to find a basket (or the closest thing to one) at home and make your own version of the ideal Easter basket. Filling your homemade basket with Easter-themed items such as chocolate eggs and bunnies could be great fun and will allow you to decorate it just how you like it. That way, you save money and make your Easter more personal.


Buy Easter eggs last minute

Buying chocolate eggs in advance might help you plan Easter activities better – however, waiting until the very last minute, even the day before the Easter weekend, may mean that stores might offer reduced prices as they prepare to clear their stock.


Prepare a special Easter breakfast feast

If your family isn’t keen on sweet treats, but you still like to celebrate Easter, you could choose to host a breakfast around the table with your loved ones. Doing so is as thoughtful as giving a gift – especially if you make everyone’s favourite breakfast and then enjoy it together as a family.


Host an Easter picnic

If you’re looking to do something different this Easter, why not pack a picnic? By doing so, you’ll have all your favourite treats at hand, you’ll be around a table or on a blanket with your loved ones in a more intimate setting, and you’ll save money. A great benefit of hosting a simpler Easter lunch is that you may be able to have leftovers for the following few days, or may choose to donate your leftovers as you prefer.

Use coupons and online promo codes where possible

Before you make any Easter-related purchases, be sure to check for coupons or promo codes online. Many stores offer discounts around the holiday, and you can often find additional savings by doing a quick search.


Fun ways for a DIY Easter

DIY adds a wonderful personal touch to any celebrated holiday activity because of its fun and value. Instead of buying expensive Easter decorations, consider making your own. You can find plenty of DIY tutorials online that show you how to create beautiful Easter-themed decorations using materials you may already have at home. Pre-Easter discounts shopping and Reusing materials for creative projects, like Easter egg baskets, is a wonderful way to save money.


Host a virtual Easter celebration

If you're unable to celebrate with loved ones in person, consider hosting a virtual Easter celebration instead. You can still enjoy the holiday together by video chatting and sharing photos of your Easter meals or activities.


Shop at discount stores

Instead of buying Easter items at high-end retailers, consider shopping at discount stores or second-hand online stores. You can often find great deals on Easter baskets, decorations, and other holiday-related items.


Whether you are spending the day relaxing at home, spending time with family, or taking part in any celebrations, make the most of the opportunity and cherish the time you have. Be careful and cautious on the roads if you plan to drive over the Easter long weekend. The most important thing is to arrive safely during what can be a busy time of year. Enjoy.


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