Tips for saving money this Easter

Tips for saving money this Easter

Easter is a big deal for many South African families, and the occasion demands the right kind of action. A big lunch is standard. Going away over the long-weekend is the policy in many households. And eating lots of chocolate eggs is… well, it’s just what you do.

One way to make the holiday even sweeter would be to keep entertainment costs down. Here are three tips to help you save this Easter.

Make your own Easter basket

You have two options, really. You could spend money buying a generic basket that you know will be discarded of once all the goodies in it have been consumed. Or, you could find a basket (or the closest thing to one) at home and make your own version of the ideal Easter basket.

If you’re going with option two, fill your homemade basket with Easter-themed items such as chocolate eggs and bunnies. You could also have a bit of fun and decorate it just how you like it. That way, you save money and make your Easter more personal at the same time.

Buy Easter eggs last minute

Buying chocolate eggs way in advance of the holiday might help you plan Easter activities better. But waiting until the very last minute, even the day before, might mean slashed prices. Stores will need to clear stock, so it could be worth a shot.

Stay home for lunch

You don’t have to go out for Easter lunch. Instead, stay home or pack a picnic! That way you’ll have all your favourite treats, you’ll be around a table or on a blanket with your loved ones in a more intimate setting, and you’ll save money. You may even have leftover food. (Easter’s lunchtime roast chicken becomes Monday’s chicken-mayo sandwich: it’s perfect!)

However you choose to spend Easter, have fun and drive safely if you’re going away for the long weekend.
Best wishes from us.