Tips for saving money this Easter

Tips for saving money this Easter

Easter is an important occasion for many South African families, and celebrating Easter demands planning in advance.

For most families celebrating Easter, a family lunch is the usual way to observe the event, and many families may choose to go away over the long-weekend.

With the costs involved to host an event, travel, or exchange gifts, doing so on a budget is essential – and our helpful tips can help you plan ahead in style.

Preparing for Easter weekend

Before Easter weekend, it’s vital to consider what kind of celebration you wish to host; doing so will enable you to prepare and find great savings to boost your budget.

Stick to the favourites

Everyone has their favourite type of chocolate or sweet treat - and when it comes to gifting, sticking with an Easter basket filled with your loved one’s favourites is a great choice. Keeping to staple favourites and potentially considering your loved one’s favourite home-made snacks can help you reduce your expenses.

Some other great tips to save money for Easter include:

  • Shopping pre-Easter sales
  • Repurpose items for craft projects (such as Easter egg baskets)
  • Host a potluck Easter meal
  • Shop store discounts post-Easter to prepare for next year

Ways to save money over Easter weekend

Easter weekend is often where many families and communities will host events or celebrate the occasion with gifts – and there are several great ways to save money over this special holiday:

Make your own Easter basket

While you might choose to spend money and buy a generic basket, this could lead to wastage if the recipient doesn’t enjoy all of the gifts inside. Instead, you might choose to find a basket (or the closest thing to one) at home and make your own version of the ideal Easter basket.

Filling your homemade basket with Easter-themed items such as chocolate eggs and bunnies could be great fun and will allow you to decorate it just how you like it. That way, you save money and make your Easter more personal at the same time.

Buy Easter eggs last minute

Buying chocolate eggs way in advance of the holiday might help you plan Easter activities better – however, waiting until the very last minute, even the day before the Easter weekend, may mean that stores might offer reduced prices as they prepare to clear their stock.

Prepare a special Easter breakfast feast

If your family isn’t keen on sweet treats, but you still like to celebrate Easter, you could choose to host a breakfast around the table with your loved ones. Doing so is as thoughtful as giving a gift – especially if you take the time to try and make everyone’s favourite breakfast and then enjoy it together as a family.

Host an Easter picnic

If you’re looking to do something different this Easter, why not pack a picnic? By doing so, you’ll have all your favourite treats at hand, you’ll be around a table or on a blanket with your loved ones in a more intimate setting, and you’ll save money.

A great benefit of hosting a simpler Easter lunch is that you may be able to have leftovers for the following few days, or may choose to donate your leftovers as you prefer.

Enjoy the occasion

However you choose to spend Easter, have fun and drive safely if you’re going away for the long weekend.