Fast cash


How to apply for Wonga's fast cash loans

Quick loans’ also known as ‘fast cash loans’ or ‘instant loans’, are an umbrella term used to describe most kinds of quick and easy loan application process that you typically apply for online. Most providers now offer this form of ‘quick cash’ on websites that can be accessed through PC, tablet and mobile phones meaning you can apply from anywhere at any time. While the speed at which you receive your loan can vary, some websites can provide you with a near instant loan on the same day as your initial application if you’re approved.

Customers are drawn to the fast loan option primarily because of its speed and convenience that’s useful when an unexpected bill emerges that you cannot cover with your savings. This is the only circumstance where Wonga recommends using their quick loan product. If you find yourself frequently having to depend on fast loans we recommend reading our borrowing and debt advice guide.


Why choose Wonga for your fast cash?


Instant Loans

There’s a range of benefits to choosing your loan through Wonga, especially if you’re looking for an instant cash loan as our application and approval process is as fast as it gets on the market. You can start by applying here and creating an account. First-time customers can receive a maximum of R4000 credit for up to 3 months. Existing customers can receive a maximum of R8000 credit for up to 6 months.


Easy Loans

We’ve perfected our process to make applying for Wonga quick loans as simple as possible: 

  • Choose your internet device, most customers use a mobile phone.
  • Create an account and log on to our website.
  • Set the desired amount and length of your loan.
  • Complete our secure online application form.
  • We verify your income by requesting your most recent payslip or bank statement.
  • Your credit is sent digitally to your bank account.
  • The entire process is completely online, no need to phone or fax. 


Flexible Fast Cash

Wonga offers the most flexible fast cash online across South Africa. You can borrow for as little as 1 day if you need to. We actively encourage our customers to strive for early repayment to save you money on interest fees. This flexibility makes our quick cash loan product a viable option for customers who want to avoid going into unauthorised overdraft on their bank accounts for a few days for example. 


Direct and Safe Provider

Wonga is a ‘direct lender’ of online fast loans. This is different from many ‘brokers’ you will encounter online. The difference between the two is direct lenders like us offer our quick loans directly to our customers through our own secure website. Going direct means your information doesn’t change hands and you avoid incurring potential fees that ‘broker’ websites will add for being the middlemen. 


Is a fast loan right for you?

Not everyone is suitable for one of our quick loans.It’s not recommended to take out credit to manage any existing debt you may have. We heavily recommend applying for fast loans for exclusively responsible reasons. There is also a range of criteria you must fulfill before you can become a customer and receive credit. Please take note of the following:

  • Our instant loans are only suitable for short term use, currently this is from 6 days to a maximum of 6 months. The longer you loan credit the more you will have to repay, we recommend paying your loan back early to minimise the interest.
  • If your fast cash loan fails to be repaid within the time frame you agreed with us on your application this will incur extra costs to you in the form of late repayment fees, which may have a negative effect on your credit rating. Read about how a low credit score can affect you.
  • You must be a minimum of 18 years old, live in South Africa and own both a bank account and a mobile phone to be eligible for our quick cash loans.


Eligible and still interested? Apply for your fast loan now.