Financial apps to make your life easier

Financial apps to make your life easier


The advancement of technology has greatly simplified many aspects of our lives. Although many of us still manage our money using traditional methods, using financial apps is a great way to maximise how new FinTech can assist us. Typically, apps are extremely simple to use and download, and before you know it, you may have found one that quickly becomes one of your favourite options in your daily money management efforts.

Nowadays, there are many financial apps in the app stores to choose from, so you can find an app to serve most needs. So, let's get to work and figure out who the key players in the South African finance app market are.


Stash Investment App

The Stash app is powered by Liberty and helps you save money daily and monthly. The app itself is geared toward those who want to maximise their savings and makes it extremely simple to automate many of these options.  Stash is owned and operated by Liberty Group Limited, a company that has been innovating new ways for South Africans to insure, save, and invest for over 60 years.

With the Stash app you have complete control over when and how much you invest with Stash. Use the app to pause, adjust, stop, and restart your investments. Do you require money? Stash provides unrestricted access to your funds directly from the app.  Here are some great ways that Stash can help you save, and by doing so also makes it really fun.

Some of their unique saving options include a 10-cent challenge, stashing when it's sunny, and stashing when there's load shedding, which we all know is quite a bit at the moment.

Depending on your needs and investment goals, you can invest in either a SA Top 40 Shares portfolio or a Cash+ portfolio, or both. As the value of these portfolios rises, so will the value of your stash. The IOS and Google Play shops both provide free downloads of the app.


22seven Budgeting App

The 22seven app is regarded as a budgeting powerhouse. It provides a comprehensive breakdown of your monthly spending and automatically calculates your budget. When it comes to your monthly spending, this is a lifesaver. Tracking your spending puts your monthly finances in perspective and gives you an idea of what the outcome will be. If budgeting is at the top of your priority list... (and it should be), then this app will have you smiling all the way to the end of the month.


Shyft Money App

Those interested in keeping track of their shares or looking for an app to help them invest. This could be for you. Shyft allows you to order and link multiple cards for local use. You can also make use of their virtual card option to use when shopping online and managing online purchases and subscriptions. You can also use the Shyft to Shyft payment option to make instant payments to other Shyft users. The app is extremely versatile, and once you start using it, it will undoubtedly become one of your favourite finance apps.


Many of these apps can provide valuable insights into how we spend, save, and invest. You will have less to worry about throughout the month because these apps can help you automate your savings, help manage your investments and save you time.


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