Advantages of a financial vision board

Advantages of a financial vision board


We can't believe March is already halfway over. It seems like only yesterday that we were setting goals and visions for the new year. In the midst of demanding jobs or family life, it may appear that our big goals are out of reach. To assist you in visualizing these big goals, we've compiled a list of ideas for aligning your visions with financial planning.


What is a financial vision board? 

A financial vision board can help you bridge the mental gap between your finances and your dreams. A vision board is a collection of words, phrases, images, and quotes that are inspirational. It represents your future objectives, resources, and plans for achieving them. Remember the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"? That is the primary reason for creating a vision board. Pictures elicit emotions, and when words fail to express how you feel, a picture can do the trick.


How can a vision board assist you?

Budgeting is necessary for the majority of our aspirations and objectives, whether you want to buy your first house or car or take a dream vacation. With the use of a vision board, you may better visualize your objectives and come up with innovative plans for achieving them, no matter how big or small, by dividing them into manageable financial milestones. You are more likely to include it in your monthly budget or set up a new debit order into a savings account designated for this reason if you know how much it will cost to realize your vision over the next one to five years. When you see your goals regularly, hung on a wall in your home or as a wallpaper on your smart device, it makes it simpler to recall them.


What should go on your financial vision board?

  • Anything you are envisioning
  • It’s always helpful to add a time frame to a specific set of goals, maybe short term (1 year, then 5 years) etc
  • Additionally, don't just focus on one thing; consider everything! Aim high!
  • Images from your ideal vacation.
  • A home improvement undertaking you've always wanted to do.
  • Your first or ideal vehicle that works for you in practicality and cost
  • Your education or your children’s
  • Eliminate your debt or pay off a specific loan
  • Start a side hustle
  • Create a passive income
  • Find a financial advisor or mentor
  • Put money into a Tax free Saving Account
  • Make a will
  • Save for a wedding or other big event
  • Mental Health
  • Gym
  • Retirement planning
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Eating out


Simple steps to creating your vision board

  1. Brainstorm and Dream BIG!
  2. Write down your financial goals
  3. Gather motivational images and materials
  4. Create your vision board
  5. Review your vision board daily

Here's some examples: 



Looking for inspiration?

Choose motivational and inspiring photos that speak to YOU, always! Now consider how each image relates to your aspirations and goals in life.

We understand that managing and saving money takes time. As a result, adding some enjoyment in your financial goals can inspire you to work toward achieving them. Creating a visual board that inspires you may be both gratifying and undoubtedly engaging, as well as providing that daily reward of being enjoyable.


Here is a selection of motivational sites to help you start on your vision board.


The Quick benefits of a Vision Board

  • It provides you with clarity (what do you truly desire in your financial life?)
  • It improves your resiliency and problem-solving abilities.
  • It assists you in letting go of the past. It increases productivity, focus, and determination.
  • It makes you more optimistic (it's difficult not to be optimistic when looking at a vision board).
  • Daily visual motivation


Finances can be monotonous and difficult at times, and staying motivated can be challenging. However, finding creative ways to keep yourself inspired and engaged is critical to maximizing your financial potential. Visual aids, such as a vision board, can help bridge the gap between your financial goals and your dreams.  It can be a powerful tool for visualizing your big goals and changing your relationship with money.


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