Recommended Reading for Personal Finance

Recommended Reading for Personal Finance

Ask any successful businessperson, and they will tell you that the key to success is a solid education, but this doesn’t necessarily begin (and definitely doesn’t end) with college or university. The best way to expand your education and equip yourself with the knowledge, tools and resources to make a success of your personal finances is to read. Through reading, we can learn from the failures and successes of others and in doing so, fast-forward through the learning curve. We can also master the tricks, tips and secrets that others have taken years, if not decades to develop.

Here are some of the best personal finance books that take readers on a fast-forwarded journey to greater success and healthier personal finances...

“Make Your Kid a Money Genius (Even If You're Not)” by Beth Kobliner

This is an easy to understand, step-by-step guide to help parents of all income levels teach their kids, from three to twenty-three, about money. It turns out the key to raising a money genius isn’t to teach that four quarters equal a Rand or how to pick a stock. Instead, it’s about instilling values that have been proven to make people successful - not just financially, but in life: delaying gratification, working hard, living within your means, getting a good education and acting generously toward others.

“Mindful Money: Simple Practices for Reaching Your Financial Goals and Increasing your Happiness Dividend” by Jonathan K. Deyoe

Money drives many of our decisions. We all worry about earning it, spending it and saving it — regardless of our income level. Yet few of us understand money’s true nature. Mindful Money helps you create a unique financial plan that is guided by your deepest beliefs, and shows you how to save, invest, pay off debt, and fund your retirement and dreams by building a lifetime income stream.

“Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferriss (2016)

Tools of Titans is a compelling and worthwhile read that includes decades worth of compiled notes distilled down to a smorgasbord of actionable steps that guide the reader to greater personal and professional success. From taking better physical care of yourself to providing gems of financial advice, author Tim Ferris covers virtually all aspects of what makes an individual a success. This book is intended to be enjoyed as a sporadic read and a useful resource for whatever obstacle you face, as needed.

“Unshakeable” by Tony Robbins (2017)

From the king of self-help, Tony Robbins, Unshakeable is a compilation of the very best of decades worth of experience and a generous vault of financial advice. With input from the world’s top financial and business minds, this book is a veritable playbook for success and a must-read for any budding entrepreneur or experienced businessperson looking to improve and perfect their personal and professional finances.

“7 Money Rules for Life” by Mary Hunt

Mary Hunt is not new to budgeting and personal finance. This book steps out of her old-style comfort zone a bit to comprise lots of facts about financing, retiring, investing and preparation for your financial future.


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