The ins and outs of Side Hustling

The ins and outs of Side Hustling

Nothing beats the satisfaction of reaping the fruits of our own labour! We've done all the hard work so you can get started if you have a side hustle in mind, whether it's ideas on how to get started, where the top markets are, or making sure your customers find you. This article will help point you in the right direction. 

So many of us have hidden talents that are frequently swept under the rug, it’s probably due to a lack of time or the fact that our full-time job is simply too demanding, so here we are, inviting you to embrace what you truly love. If you have an idea and believe it is worth investing in, now is the time to get started and show everyone what you've been hiding all these years! 

If you're skilled in manufacturing things or specialise in textiles or crafts, why not create a few of those items, find the nearest markets, put up a display there, and start showing your labour of love.   You might surprise yourself when you discover how many people might be interested in what you have to offer.  If arts or crafts aren't your thing, you might be a terrific baker who could brighten someone's day with some scrumptious baked goods. The side hustle is more popular than ever, and more consumers are searching for unique and bespoke products, so why not strap your thinking cap on and get that side business going. 

We have combed the internet for ideas to motivate you to start your side business.  Those abilities could help you earn extra money, possibly pay off a credit card, and of course increase the size of your emergency fund! It might even develop into the next top entrepreneurial venture. 


What can I do as a Side Hustle? 

Here are some ideas to consider if you are not sure where to start.  A Side Hustle can be anything you think you could do in your spare time to earn extra money.  It might also be offering a service or product that nobody has thought of before. 


Dog Walking 

Many people don’t always have the time to take their dogs for a walk or give more interaction.  Becoming a Dog Walker can be easy to start as a side business as it does not require much in capital to get started.  Most people offer their services between family and friends and receive recommendations between other close friends which could allow you to grow a Dog walking business at your own time.  Becoming a Dog walking specialist only requires you to be a big enthusiast of mans best friend  Join The Team - Poochy Coo | Cape Town, South Africa 


Grocery Shopping 

Many people may need assistance in shopping.  This could be due to having an operation and need assistance in shopping for specialized delivery of groceries.  Off-loading or making sure these people get their items is a service not many people think about. 


Part-Time Delivery 

Takealot offer part-time delivery opportunities.  Here is a detailed view to Become a Driver Partner at 


Personal Training 

Personal training is a popular part-time job option. Many people provide training sessions in various fields of expertise.  

Because most people only train in the morning or evening, creating a side time passion for training people is much easier and can be done in a time frame that works for you. 

Udemy Courses in Health and Fitness 


Cooking and Baking Courses 

If you are an incredible Baker, why not offer cooking and baking classes to share the skills you have for those who are looking to be better at it. 

Free Baking Tutorial - The Art of Baking with Yuppiechef | Udemy 


Niche crafts 

Do you have a crafted product that nobody, but you know how to make.  These types of items are always doing well due to people looking for speciality type items that you can’t always find in a general store. These types of items are normally handcrafted and made with huge amounts of skill and ongoing practice.  



Food Stalls and Markets 

This is one of the most in demand side hustles, and finding a stall to showcase your food will not be difficult. Do you have one of those dishes that you are known for?  Food Stalls do extremely well at Markets as most people are there for the food, and a reason to do something different.  There have been many successful stories of food entrepreneurs who had started at Markets and then went on to create a full-time restaurant.  You never know, your dishes could be the next big thing. 


Online writing 

If you have access to the world wide web.  Becoming a part-time writer is more possible than ever.  Some of the greatest writers and storytellers started this as a love and side hustle. Here is a platform to consider if online writing is something you would consider as a side hustle. The written word is needed now more than ever and considering that the internet is still governed by a staggering 75% of the written word, it is a simple fact that writers are needed in abundance. If you have something worthwhile to say, why not make it work for you? This could be done by writing some copy on the side or by creating resumes in your spare time. 

Freelance Writing Jobs | Upwork  Upwork is a simple platform to use and find part-time writing gigs that fit your expertise and time. 


Top Markets for starting a Side Hustle 

Here are some of the most popular markets for showcasing your skills! Or starting something new to add to your side hustle. Craft markets have become a big part of life in South Africa, and if you've been to one, you'll know how good people are at making unique products that are both well-made and difficult to replicate.  


Without further ado, here are our top picks:

Arts on Main  

Johannesburg is an important centre for food, art, and craft. They have a very niche "Market on Main," as all the locals refer to it in Johannesburg's CBD. They have weekend and full-time vendor stalls available. They are well worth looking into if you're looking to start your side hustle!  

The Old Biscuit Mill 

Woodstock, one of Cape Town's most up-and-coming eclectic neighbourhoods, is synonymous with the city. The Old Biscuit Mill focuses on "culinary delights and everything local." If you want to take your side hustle to the next level, this is a must-see on your side hustle calendar! 

The Neighbourgoods Market  

This is currently one of South Africa's most important markets. From humble beginnings to the most specialised setting Johannesburg has to offer. Every Saturday, they have stall options that are frequently crowded with people looking for something new and local. Why not give them a shot if you have something unique to offer?

On a regular basis, new and emerging markets sprout up all over the country. These stops are your best bet for getting things started if you want to make something really great out of your side hustle.  Many of these markets do not require you to be there every month and do have open options of only trading on the weekends or both weekend and weekdays. 

Looking for more markets to sell your goods? Here are the Top 10 markets in SA... picked by Eat In - Yuppiechef Magazine 



Important things to consider when starting out


Creating an online presence 

Selling items online is a great way to add more options for your buyers when it comes to a side hustle.  Facebook and Instagram have a platform that doesn't cost anything to start off and by creating an online presence can boost your sales and create a following among your audience who enjoy what you sell, make or offer as a service.  It also offers the opportunity to display your products and let people know what they could expect as a new product, or at which markets or locations they could find you and explore more of what you are offering as a side hustle. 

Additionally, you can also offer simple contact details of how people could find you or ask you more about what it is you are offering as a side hustle. 

Facebook or Instagram only allow a business page if you have a legit personal Facebook setup prior to creating business pages.  By doing this it naturally creates more safety between seller and buyer and creates a great relationship straight away with people who are interested in what you offer. 

Here are the full ways to setup the relevant accounts you may need for your side hustle. 

Here is how you Set up your Facebook business Page | Meta Business Help Centre 

Here is how to Get started on Instagram for business | Instagram for Business 


How can people get hold of you? 

WhatsApp for Business can assist in keeping your personal time separate from your side hustle or normal working hours.  This may also assist you with automated responses so that possible clients are  never neglected Learn More here with WhatsApp Business 

With most people using WhatsApp in South Africa as the preferred way to communicate, it is one of the best ways to talk to potential clients or people wanting to approach you for your specialised service/products.  

Setting up a free email is also a great option for a side hustle.  Many platforms like google Gmail or Microsoft outlook offer a free email setup for no charge and can be accessed from a desktop, laptop or smartphone.  Both also have an app download for ease of use on most smartphones. You can Create a Gmail account online here. Here is how to Create a Outlook account. 

Alternatively, you can download the Gmail App on your mobile device to access it when you are on the go. The same for Microsoft Outlook.  Choose the one that best works for you. 


Getting Paid 

One of the easiest ways to get started is making sure you have an easy and safe way for your customers to pay you. SnapScan: Mobile payment solutions provider in South Africa is quite ingenious.  By generating your own QR code, anyone with a Snapscan app can make use of this and payments are instant and safe.  Alternatively there are also options such as Yoco Neo Card Machine for those who wish to have a card payment option.  All these products have their own T&Cs and normally take a small percentage for every sale you make for using the app or product.



Consider a Loan 

Do you believe your Side Hustle idea has the potential to earn you more money on a consistent basis? Why not consider a Wonga Loan? If done correctly, thoughtfully, and efficiently. A loan can help you start a great side hustle and own your possibilities. 

The Side Hustle is more prevalent than ever, and more and more people are considering doing small businesses on the side to either substitute an income or create more ways to save and pay off outstanding debt.


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