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Wonga launches its automated loans service on mobile

CAPE TOWN – Online short term loans provider, wonga today officially launches the first ever mobile credit site in South Africa. The site allows both new and existing customers to access small, short term cash loans from anywhere using their mobile phone. Wonga which offers small, flexible personal loans for between a day and around 31 days launched its web-based service here in May, an…

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Wonga brings its automated loans service to South Africa

CAPE TOWN – Wonga (UK) today launches its ground-breaking short term loans service in South Africa. Local consumers will have access to the same real-time loan-processing technology that helped catapult wonga into poll position as the UK’s biggest provider of short term consumer credit. Technical trials underway in South Africa indicate that local consumers are hungry for the fast, flex…

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About Wonga

A fresh approach to lending Wonga is a ground-breaking online lender. It was founded in 2007 in London by two South Africans who saw a need in the market for a fast and convenient credit provider. After growing the company and three years of research and development, the founders felt it was time to spread their wings and take the company international. They believed the South African…

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