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Festive Spending Survey: South Africans Set to Spend Over R200 Billion this Holiday Season

Research conducted by Wonga SA has revealed that South Africans between the ages of 18 and 65 are set to spend an average of R5 706 each over the festive season. Based on Statistics SA’s mid-year population size estimates, that means that working- aged South Africans are set to pump R204 billion into the economy. As part of Wonga’s Festive Spending Survey, almost 7 000 South Africans sp… Read More..

What are the Cheapest Types of Loans?

Most of us use credit at some point or another – and many forms of credit exist, from credit cards, to personal loans, and even to finance agreements and a home loan. When considering which form of credit to use, it’s important to not only consider which is best suited to achieving our short-term goals (whether it’s to buy a laptop needed for school, to pay the deposit on a car, or to b… Read More..

How to Save Money on Social Occasions

Once in a while, everyone has the chance to enjoy a special occasion – whether it’s their birthday, the day of their wedding, Christmas, or other important life events. Celebrating those special days gives us memories we hold onto long into old age – and often, we become determined to make a special memory by spending our money on clothes, food, or gifts to suit the occasion. While spe… Read More..

How to Improve Your Credit Score

Most of us rely on credit at some point in our lives – when a company or person (called a provider) lends us an amount of money that they expect will be repaid over time with interest. We might use credit for different things – for example, you might want an loan to cover an unforeseen expense, a credit card to pay off large purchases over time, or finance  for a new car. When you apply… Read More..

3 Tips to do Christmas on a Budget

When we’re younger, Christmas might feel like the most wonderful time of the year – where food is plentiful, family are around, and presents lie in wait under the Christmas tree! However, as we get older, Christmas can become a stressful time – where providing for regular payments as well as buying gifts and food for friends and family can place strain on your budget, as well as your fi… Read More..

4 Money Saving Tips for Sizzling South African Summers

In South Africa, we’re lucky to not only have a diverse and amazing mix of cultures, but we’re also privileged to have some of the most beautiful landscapes, mountain ranges, and beaches in the world. When summer comes and days get longer, spending quality time with friends and family can be great fun – but that can also mean greater expenses from things as simple as keeping cool! Why s… Read More..

How Much Should I Save for Retirement?

For most of us, managing our debt, savings, and keeping a healthy budget from month-to-month can be a tough task – however, keeping a healthy cash flow is only part of setting yourself up to reach financial freedom. What is also important is to consider what you will be able to save for your retirement. While retirement might seem like a concern for the future, the best way to set yours… Read More..

What Can You Do to Help a Friend in Debt?

Good friends support each other in tough times, and having a friend in debt can be a stressful experience. Money can be a very emotional subject between friends and family, and many people can be afraid of being judged for their financial decisions. However, if someone you know is in serious debt and needs help, there are several simple things you can do to help them in their time of ne… Read More..