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The How and Why of uploading your payslip or bank statement

WHY must I upload my payslip or bank statement? We know that it might seem weird to have to upload your payslip or your bank statement to our website - especially if you're an existing customer and have never had to do it before. In August 2014 the Department of Trade and Industry (or DTI) issued proposed regulations, which will form part of the National Credit Act. These are aimed at s… Read More..

5 ways to get more from your Rand now

With a less-than-expected performance from the South African economy this year, we’d all like to know how to save money and get the most out of every cent of our salary. Wonga.co.za, as part of its Money Saving Tips guide, brings you five of the best practical ways to make the most your Rand. Think before you spend Credit cards should never be used for everyday expenses like petrol, fo… Read More..

Your Car - Top 5 Fuel Saving Tips

Even with the recent decrease in fuel prices in South Africa, the cost of fuel remains a worry to many of us. Here are our top 5 tips for making your driving more efficient. 1. Ensure your tyres are correctly inflated. Tyres that are under inflated or not only dangerous because they increase breaking distance and lead to uneven wear on your tyres, they are also a contributing factor to… Read More..

Your Geyser - Top 5 Electricity Saving Tips

This is the first part of a series where will highlight some effective money saving tips. We focus on reducing your electricity bill by using your geyser wisely … Reduce geyser operating temperature.Reduce the temperature of your geyser by turning the thermostat temperature control down to 60 degrees Celsius (don’t reduce it any lower for health reasons). The thermostat can usually… Read More..

Wonga warming up winter

Wonga warming up winter Wonga.com is quite literally ‘Knitting for South Africa’ this winter. The digital finance company is launching the Wonga Warmers campaign, aimed at spreading a little warmth across the country. Wonga is working with a non-profit organisation Grandmothers Against Poverty & Aids (GAPA) to knit warm items of clothing which will be distributed to underprivileged… Read More..

Tips on surviving the Festive Splurge

CAPE TOWN - Most of us manage to make it through the first part of the year sticking to our budgets and keeping track of spending. But during December, financial restraint seems to fly out the window as we get caught up in the festive spirit, overspend and end up facing some serious debt in January. We have put their heads together and drawn up a list of tips of how to survive the festiv… Read More..

Wonga launches its automated loans service on mobile

CAPE TOWN – Online short term loans provider, wonga today officially launches the first ever mobile credit site in South Africa. The site allows both new and existing customers to access small, short term cash loans from anywhere using their mobile phone. Wonga which offers small, flexible personal loans for between a day and around 31 days launched its web-based service here in May, an… Read More..

Wonga brings its automated loans service to South Africa

CAPE TOWN – Wonga (UK) today launches its ground-breaking short term loans service in South Africa. Local consumers will have access to the same real-time loan-processing technology that helped catapult wonga into poll position as the UK’s biggest provider of short term consumer credit. Technical trials underway in South Africa indicate that local consumers are hungry for the fast, flex… Read More..