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Budgeting: Five steps to help first timers

When it comes to managing your money, working without a budget is not likely to lead you to financial security. Your debt situation won’t improve, your savings won’t grow, and you’ll miss out on the feeling that you can take care of a crucial part of life. Having a financial game plan makes you focus on the way you use your money and helps lay the ground work for a bright future. This m… Read More..

Do you understand debt?

Have you ever sat down and considered the affordability of your debt and whether the short term loans, student loan or any other type of finance you're borrowing is good debt or bad debt? How much thought do you put into the cost of that debt and whether there is a better alternative? Do you ever sit down and actually work out how much everything you borrowed would cost to pay back over… Read More..

Financial lifeskills a big gap in managing cash and credit health reveals Wonga 2015 customer survey

29 July 2015 - The second annual Wonga customer survey has shown that a greater awareness and understanding of how money works is much needed to get on to the road to financial wellness. More than 18 000 customers responded to the survey which was conducted in May this year, many admitting that saving remains a massive issue. Wonga SA CEO, Brett van Aswegen, said the results of the surv… Read More..

Wonga SA launches fraud hotline; warns against on-going SMS and email phishing scam

19 May 2015 - After an extensive investigation, payday loans provider Wonga SA has ascertained it is being used as a front for an elaborate phishing scam that has seen some consumers out of pocket after falling for the false notifications. Consumers have become vulnerable to the SMS and email messages with many making contact with the rogues, handing over personal information details in… Read More..

Savings Challenge

At Wonga,  we want to challenge you to start a savings plan if you don’t already have one. Our challenge to you is to try and save 10% of your salary each month and not touch it, unless you have a real need for the money due to a financial emergency. And no, we don’t mean for that ‘awesome’ pair of shoes you saw in the mall yesterday or the latest game release on Xbox. If you are abl… Read More..

Wonga Newcastle United competition winners' dreams come true

On the 2nd of March 2015 Wonga.com South Africa sent off the four winners of its Newcastle United competition, together with Sias du Plesis, on a flight to go and watch their favourite football team in action in the UK. After arriving in London town and having a little bit of time to freshen up, the winners were whisked off to Newcastle and taken to St. James' Park stadium for a VIP tou… Read More..

Saving our Mother city from the fires

The situation calls for individuals, communities and companies to work together to provide support to the brave firefighters. Wonga.com South Africa is calling on everyone to get involved and provide much needed support to the people out in the fields doing their best to extinguish the fire. To do our bit, Wonga has donated 100 pairs of fire boots to those volunteering to fight the fl… Read More..

Clean your home for less

Branded cleaners and detergents can easily eat into our grocery budget faster than we think. But there is another way to save on the laundry detergent, fabric softener, glass cleaners, stain removers, shower, wood polish… When you’ve run out of cash for detergents and groceries before payday, here are some of the solutions that can save you a packet while keeping your home hygienic and c… Read More..