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Become Financially Literate in 2018 with These Great (Free) Online Resources

We face an unfortunate reality here in South Africa: the vast majority of the population faces financial instability, uncertainty and pressure. This doesn’t necessarily come down to the wildly fluctuating Rand, a low income or inflation. Rather, the biggest cause of money problems in our country is financial illiteracy: the majority of South Africans don’t understand how to manage their… Read More..

Top Five Money-Saving Tips for Millennials

Millennials are a unique generation living in an era of digitalisation, convenience and accessibility. More millennials are going to college or university than in any generation before them, which also means that many enter the job market crippled by student loans. Consequently, this group faces a unique set of challenges and as such, the financial advice provided to the generations prec… Read More..

Financial Goals to hit in 2018: Your New Year’s Financial Resolutions

Getting more exercise, going to bed earlier, cutting back on chocolate, and finally going on that overseas trip are all admirable New Year’s resolutions... What about that essential sphere of life that will be the source of your funding for 2018: your finances? Take control of your money matters and turn your finances around in 2018 with these eight achievable New Year’s resolutions! Fi… Read More..

5 Ways to Tidy Up Your Finances Before the Holidays

December is a notoriously expensive month and with Christmas gifts, feasts, holidays, and New Year’s Eve celebrations to pay for, it’s no wonder most South Africans find themselves financially limping through January. Here are five super achievable ways you can tidy up your finances before the holidays. 1. Plan and be a smart gift giver Make a list of the people you plan on buying gift… Read More..

Money and Marriage: The Importance of Communicating Finances in a Relationship

Everyone approaches money differently: some have had it their whole lives and have never learned to conserve their spending, while others have had a lean upbringing and have consequently learned to be thrifty. Some have had money their whole lives because they are thrifty, while others struggle because they aren’t savvy spenders. Given the vast degree of differences between people’s mon… Read More..

Be Thrifty This Christmas: 10 Christmas Gifts for Under R200

Plan your Christmas gift list this year by drawing inspiration from the following thrifty list and you could find yourself saving money without compromising on smiles. 1. Quality coffee or coffee pods Good quality coffee is expensive, so we tend to purchase the brands that are lower down on the cost (and quality) scale. Why not treat a friend or family member to the brands they really… Read More..

Recommended Reading for Personal Finance

Ask any successful businessperson, and they will tell you that the key to success is a solid education, but this doesn’t necessarily begin (and definitely doesn’t end) with college or university. The best way to expand your education and equip yourself with the knowledge, tools and resources to make a success of your personal finances is to read. Through reading, we can learn from the fa… Read More..

The Top 5 Podcasts That Will Make You Better With Money

Podcasts have become all the rage and in many ways, have surpassed written content in their reach and impact. A podcast is a digital audio file that can be downloaded to your device (laptop, computer or mobile phone) to be listened to at your leisure. They’re typically available as a series, which if subscribed to, can be received automatically as new instalments are released. Podcasts a… Read More..