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Focus on the Future to Help Reach Your Financial Goals

Many adults have similar financial goals in life. They’d like to buy or build their dream home, send their children to a good school or tertiary institution  go on holiday to new and exciting places, start their own business, and even retire early. It’s a very good idea to have financial goals, as they help keep us motivated. What are your financial goals, and how will you reach them? By… Read More..

Making Your Household Work on a Single Income

With the increased cost of living, and salaries not always increasing with inflation, it can be hard to stretch your money through to the end of the month, even on a dual household income. However, many people don’t have the luxury of two (or more) people contributing each month, whether it’s because they’re a single parent family or because one person is currently unemployed. Trying to… Read More..

10 Financial tips for 20-somethings

When we’re in our 20’s, many of us survive from paycheck to paycheck, which can prevent us from planning ahead. When you’re caught up in making ends meet, it’s difficult to commit to a long-term savings plan. We spoke to a few people about what advice they would share with their 20-year old selves, and here’s what they had to say: 1. Learn to negotiate Learning the art of negotiation is… Read More..

Investing 101: How to start investing

Many people put off investing because they think it’s too complicated or that you need thousands of Rands to start. Taking the first step can be challenging. The key to building wealth is by developing good habits – like putting away money each month. It’s the little things that often make the difference between a life of prosperity and one of financial uncertainty. The sooner you start,… Read More..

Lessons to teach kids about money

To raise money-smart kids, parents should start at a young age and regularly reinforce money lessons as children grow up. Starting early will help you children lay sound financial habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.  Here are a few important money lessons children need to learn in order to ace their finances in adulthood.    Lesson 1:  Explain where money comes from The… Read More..

Tips for saving money this Easter

Easter is a big deal for many South African families, and the occasion demands the right kind of action. A big lunch is standard. Going away over the long-weekend is the policy in many households. And eating lots of chocolate eggs is… well, it’s just what you do. One way to make the holiday even sweeter would be to keep entertainment costs down. Here are three tips to help you save this… Read More..

Five timeless tips for managing money

We all know that trends come and go, a type of music may be popular for a few months and then become stale or a hairstyle may define a generation before disappearing from the streets. One thing that hasn’t shifted styles over the years is how to manage money well. People who’ve done it right have tended to do most of the same things when managing their money. Here they are, and they’re w… Read More..

Financial guide to surviving the festive season

07 December 2015 - With the festive season drawing closer, South Africans are already planning for the holidays. With pricey family gatherings and Christmas shopping on the cards, it’s important that consumers make wise financial decisions. This is according to Craig Whittaker, Head of Product at Wonga SA, who offers the following festive season advice to consumers in order to limit thei… Read More..