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Are you a Proactive or Reactive Spender?

In a culture packed with stereotypes, definitions, and “boxes” which the entirety of humankind is coaxed to fit into, there are two legitimate categories that can truly help us understand why we are the way we are: Proactive and reactive personality types. Reactive people go through life allowing their circumstances and environment to dictate their behaviour and their fortune, while pr… Read More..

The Psychology of Money

Money may be a physical thing – the paper in your wallet, the coins in your pocket, the numbers in your bank account – but it comes with a whole lot of psychological baggage that affects our lives in a profound, yet intangible way. Our regard for money is described as our “money personality” and, as with humankind, there are a whole lot of money personalities out there. The key differenc… Read More..

How different Life Stages shift your Financial Priorities

From joining the workforce and starting out your career to getting married, buying a home, and reaching retirement… your financial priorities change during the different major phases of your life. Knowing what to prioritize and when will help you protect yourself, your wealth, and the well-being of your family. Here are the different financial priorities according to the different life s… Read More..

How to Set Goals and Take Action

For some, setting goals and actioning those goals is a daily practice that is so entrenched in their behaviour that they can’t operate without them. For many others, personal and professional progress has ground to a halt simply because they don’t know how to get started – to take that first step. In this article we’re addressing how to set goals and take action so that you can gain the… Read More..

Four things you must do to stay on track financially

Staying on track financially isn’t a singular achievement that happens one day when you make enough money to keep up with your lifestyle… it’s something that happens every day and with every spending decision you make. You could earn very little and still stay on track, which makes it a mind-set and a collection of good habits fuelled by a little self-discipline. Here are four of those h… Read More..

The 5 Habits That Successful People Follow

It’s easy to look at the world’s successful people and see a vast, intimidating gulf between them and us. How can you go from working two jobs and barely getting to the laundry each week to their heights of success? As it turns out, success isn’t a prize you can win or a possession you can own; it’s a frame of mind and a collection of small habits that empower you to climb your way to th… Read More..

Caught up in Procrastinating: Where Should You Start?

Two of the biggest causes of procrastination are the feeling of being overwhelmed by the size of a task and feeling completely underwhelmed by the amount of energy, motivation, or ambition we have to get that job done. Often, it’s a combination of both but either way procrastination can see us caught in a deep rut of inactivity, ineffectiveness, and non-productivity. The solution most of… Read More..

5 Essential Money Skills You Should Teach Your Teenagers

If money makes our world go round, then a fundamental component of any child’s education should be how to manage his or her money. Without an understanding of basic finance concepts like budgeting, debt, investing, credit scores, and the enormous responsibility that comes hand-in-hand with taking the reins of one’s money matters, you may be setting your teenagers up for failure (or some… Read More..