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The 5 Habits That Successful People Follow

It’s easy to look at the world’s successful people and see a vast, intimidating gulf between them and us. How can you go from working two jobs and barely getting to the laundry each week to their heights of success? As it turns out, success isn’t a prize you can win or a possession you can own; it’s a frame of mind and a collection of small habits that empower you to climb your way to th… Read More..

Caught up in Procrastinating: Where Should You Start?

Two of the biggest causes of procrastination are the feeling of being overwhelmed by the size of a task and feeling completely underwhelmed by the amount of energy, motivation, or ambition we have to get that job done. Often, it’s a combination of both but either way procrastination can see us caught in a deep rut of inactivity, ineffectiveness, and non-productivity. The solution most of… Read More..

5 Essential Money Skills You Should Teach Your Teenagers

If money makes our world go round, then a fundamental component of any child’s education should be how to manage his or her money. Without an understanding of basic finance concepts like budgeting, debt, investing, credit scores, and the enormous responsibility that comes hand-in-hand with taking the reins of one’s money matters, you may be setting your teenagers up for failure (or some… Read More..

4 Easy Steps to Change Your Financial Mindset

Many people regard budgeting the same way they regard diets: an exercise of strict self-discipline and ultimately, denial. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The goal of budgeting is to empower you financially so that you can enjoy the things you want in life. Budgeting is about being smart with your money in a way that pulls you out of a perpetual cycle of paying debt and… Read More..

Asking the question: “How will this move me forward?”

Have you ever been caught at a crossroads so perplexing you simply couldn’t decide which way to turn? Life is a tangle of pathways peppered with crossroads. And it’s our goals, ambition, determination, and focus that propel us along these pathways. However, there comes a time in everyone’s life when we find ourselves stranded at a crossroads for want of ambition, focus, and the grit that… Read More..

Water Wise

Due to the water crisis affecting parts of South Africa, the City of Cape Town has requested that residents and visitors to the Mother City use less than 50 litres of water per person, per day. To give you an idea of what can be done with 50 litres per day here is an infographic that shows it is possible to get by if you are frugal with your water usage. Not only will this help Cape Tow… Read More..

Top 5 Ways to get Motivated

“Change is never a matter of ability, it’s a matter of motivation.”- Tony Robbins Have you ever had those days when you just can’t get motivated? Of course you have: we all have. As it turns out, we have a choice and there are plenty of ways you can motivate yourself to become motivated. Here they are: 1. Redefining motivation All too often, when thinking about dreams, goals, and ambi… Read More..

Break Your Bad Money Habits & Create a Game Plan to Save More in 2018

We’ve all got a few bad money habits – money’s there to be spent, right? This year, however, it’s time to take control of your finances and create a game plan that will see you managing and accumulating wealth better and faster. Here are some money habits to break and saving habits to make in 2018: 1. Making late payments Whatever those monthly payments are, be sure to make them on tim… Read More..